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Love is not a child play ,it is a the ocean of problems and heap of tensions .it is not possible that whom you love they also loves you and also it is not possible that who loves you also loves them .the meaning of love is confidence and trust on the person whom you love ,and the period of love depend upon the period of confidence and trust on your partner, alsoit is not possible that whom you trust they also trust on you .it is never be possible that a couple love each other equally ,one of them must love more then other ,and the partner who loves more are seriously effected by the absent of there partner. Love is not the name of gaining .it is not possible that whom you love ,you will got it because it is only possible when two persons love each other equally and both where equally effected by the separation from each other .sometime you have to give sorrow ,problems , tensions to your partner for it’s better future .our elders said that love is blind ,it is totally right because love doesn’t see any boundary of religions , cast ,communities , states etc ,but our elders always tried to separate thecouples on the basis of cast , communities ,states etc .sometime they got success in there work of there separation ,then after separation only to things can happen with both {if they love equally each other}.either they will die by making suicides or they live life as a structure of soil or like a rock . but according to them the meaning of life is only to take breath they will never remain tension free, they always tried to show that nothing is happen and tried to show that are happy but they where never happy .how much they smile in the crowd, more they cry in alone .in short we can say that they live an aimless life or any aim ,but there life is more difficult then death.