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from the 1st day i saw you to the last breath i watched you takei never knew that day was the last time i would see youi had always exspected it to happenbut never realized how soon it would comeyou just wound up on the wrong roadtook a wrong turn somewhere in lifeour family was alread in so much grief,and then you had to fall toobut its not your faultyou always seemd to know your doomed day would comebut you never admited italthough i knew you were afraid for your lifeon a day to day bases i could see the painsome much came out through your eyeseven one glance would say a thousand wordsi never knew to how much extent being in a gang would beuntil i lost youhow much pain and hurt it could causehow one could just take away another lifeonly because of a colorits much like racism, why fight for a color?i'd rather live life as if i were color blindeso much easier it would beno more would another person fall to the gang sceneso many fall into the trap and most dont make it outtheres no ecscaping death itsall aroundbut why put yourself right in where it starts?although it doesnt make sence i know you never ment toyou may feel like you let us down because you were the oldestbut trust me, you never let me downno matter how many meaningless fights i always looked up to youi knew who you were when we were kidssome how the hard life changed youbut i will never forget the good memories we hadwe may not have ended on good term but you are my brotheryou are my family and my friend and i hope you sleep welland maybe one day when it is my time to go i will see youi will mee t you at the crossroads with all of the other fallenoh, and while your up there say hi to dad for me.you were dedicated to you gang i just wish it were to something betteralthough you may not be here physicalyeveryone will have you in there heartsyou will be missed and never forgoten.R.I.P Anthony Hudsin...my brother and friend.-