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when i fall you help me risei love you so dont you realize?you have captured my heartmy love i have loved you from the starti wish upon my luck stars thats you will be mine one daythere is nothing you can say or doto make meĀ  love you any less then i doforever will i be by your sidemy love for you i will never hidejust let me try to be your one and onlyif you give me your heart i will never set it freeunless that is what you desirethis some kind of passion, the fireburns within me for youmy love for you will forever be trueno matter what no one will love you as much as i do._____________________________________________________________havn't wrote a poem lately well here it is, not dedicated to anyone. just random words from the heart, which is, what poems really are right? haha well yeah i'm single now so yeah ladies gedd at me if you want to =] thanks for reading muchooo love from cali!

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