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ive died inside
yes i know keep my head up and faith alive
trust me ive tried
i just go in around and around just to end up in the same place
just another lost soul gone without a trace
im tired of trying
because the more i do i feel like im dien
why am i fighting to live if im just living to die
can someone please tell me why?
so much pain and heart aches
with every day my heart breaks
every step of the way
i find my self a stray
staryed from the real me
its like im trying to be what im unable to be
this is my life i just wish you could see
everyone makes mistakes
and i know there are no life retakes
this is like the only thing i know
its like the past is something i cant let go
where i go from here; i do not know

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    • I've died inside and having done so I can tell you that living is much better! Take the opportunity to re-invent yourself! "Be like water, my friend!" Bruce Lee
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