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I just lied to the person i loveI got caught and i think she was really hurtIm usually filled with pain but she made a new meIt was stupid of me and now im really sorryI dont blame her if she never talks to me againBut i guess its the pain i must take for lieingwish i could go to her and stare into her eyesbut she lives in Florida and the last i heard from her was ByeMy poems are usually about pain and true hurtbut this one is different its from heartRight now im in Houston hurt really badI LIED TO THE ONE I LOVEIM REALLY FUCKING MADif u have seen me ull understand my lifeull understand the reason why this is about to go from sorry to herto mad at meI wish i could take it all backand tell her the truthBUT IM A DUMBASS im a fucking foolbut im hoping she'll read this and see that im truely sorry cause i only wrote this for herwell the truth is out I am a lier heres another truthI WOULD DIE FOR HER

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