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Sorrow has made a theft
No joy to kindly uplift
Mind is terribly upset
Do I to fate owe a debt?
Fate is cunning terribly
I am living very feebly
Relations are demolished
Happiness is finished
Devils laugh at me loudly
After downing me cruelly
Mind is feeling devastated
As bitterness is by it tasted
Gloom has made a tent
In my heart to badly hunt
I am made mentally blind
As nothing good, I find
Sun and Moon come and go
To be happy, I don"t know
Heart feels life's severe weight
Worry has shown its real might
My hopes are shattered
I am terribly battered
I only to God ever appeal
Hoping He would heal
He alone is my true hope
Prayer alone gives scope
I possess no guts
But, in heart, cuts
I am madly driven
Away from Heaven
By fate, I am kicked
By devils, I am tricked
I run madly here and there
As there is none to care
God goes away from me
By behaving like an enemy
My path has thorns
Getting sad dawns
I am to suffer destined
To quit, I have opined.