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When I feel lonely sad and dispersed she is always there beside me.When I am sick and tired she is always there beside me.When there is no one to lend the helping hand she is always there beside me.When I am in need of someone to take car of me she is always there beside me.When I am thirsty for love she is always there beside meShe is always beside me, even when she is not there I feel that she is with me .I don’t know what I will do without here She is the angel of mercy that god sent here to me .She is like rain raining on my dry empty soul making me alive as a new born baby .She is all my life .Thank you mom for every thing you have done for me Love you till the end of this mortal time .My dear mom.

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    • Hamoody, this is so wonderful! Just in time for Mother's Day as well...I know that if my sons were to write about me like this I would be so happy I'd cry. :-) Thanks for sharing!
      • wow.... that is amazing i love it..... and trust me i speek from experiance one of the hardest things u will ever go through is loseing ur mom and the pain never really goses away.... it never really decreasses either... u learn to live with it... jsut be happy u got to know here as long as u did, i only got to know my mom for a few years (she died a week after my 6th b-day.... )... :(
        • nice.. para las madres.. really good for mother day...
          • The love between a mother and son is so special....I have 5 sons myself...very nicely written story of this tender love..
            • I love it. the love of a mother is pure and never dies and loves unconditionally. it asks for nothing in return :)
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