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Simple man…


I tried to write you the most romantic letter

An ingenious poem what would be better

To convey the love I have inside

Which neither time nor instances can abide

But I am just a simple soul in love with you

Plain and ordinary with no power to swoon you

I don’t have super power to fly you off somewhere

Or riches to give to you and take you everywhere

I am just a simple fool whose so in love with you

I will do anything for you

Climb the highest mountain

Swim the deepest ocean

Pick the moon and stars

Just to be where you are…

I know I am not the man you hold dear

But there would come a day that it would be all clear

You will miss me as much as I miss you

You will even love me as much as I love you

For I am the only fool that would never leave you

I would give up my life for you

Sacrifice my own happiness just for you

I would be the one to stay beside you

I would only leave if you ask me too

I am here and will continue to respect and adore you

Because honey there is no other reason except I LOVE YOU!


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