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I am confident with my self, I know what I could accomplish, my limit my strength, until the day I met you. You of all the people thought me that I am also human, able to feel emotions I did not know was within me, you made me feel so alive and happy in your company, I felt love how to be in love unselfishly, pain and insecurities, and most of all it is the first time I ever felt jealousy, yes the green eyed monster I come to know, though I tried hard for it not to show since it is all new to me, alas I am not successful in doing so since I feel the pierce in my heart the pain in my chest when ever I know that you still have communications with your past. The fact of the matter is I envy them, they have experienced your love as a whole, while I on the other hand is like a beggar happy with a scrap of whatever you throw my way, beggars cant be chooser’s right? I don’t mind though I am happy and thankful that you chose me to be your company at this moment. You gave me the chance to show you how much I love you. If I could give you my life for your happiness at this very moment I would trade my soul to the devil to do so. I am in love with you, imperfections and all,

Do not forget that I am here waiting with open arms for you to love me freely and wholly, though I don’t know how long it would take, I would be here waiting as long as I could take.

If by chance when you look back and I am not there, don’t be sad, for I am in front of you clearing your way, so that you won’t feel any more pain.

I love you honey with all the love I have in me. I hope you find it in your heart to love me half as much as you did before, for it pains me to know that I am not the man you wanted to be with for the rest of your life, if it’s the case then tell me earnestly. One word from you then I would turn and walk away. I wont hesitate to leave you if you say so if in turn would give you the world of happiness you dreamt of.