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I may not be the prince you are looking for

But I could be your knight in shining armour

You are my princess even from the start

One look sends out thousand spark

It lights the night sky for me to see

Your beauty that is enchanting me

You have my whole heart and soul

Acquiring your love is my one and only goal

I know you are not yet whole

I will do anything to make you feel special

Even the smallest token wont be so trivial

I am here offering you my heart

I was always here for you right from the start

I would stay faithful and true

Until you learn to love me whole too

It is now 5 months from the moment you said I love you

And I would continue to court you

Until you realize what my love could offer

Until you realize that I too am your love, your fortress and an

Extra shoulder.


I love you with all the love in me

Happy 5th monthsarry honey.

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