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Broken heart


I knew you before, your voice but haven’t really met you personally

But once I did there was something there which I tried to ignore

till the time we had the chance to talk eventually

There was a strange feeling overwhelming me

Tried so hard to lock it up inside since am not free

You on the other hand were trying to move on from the past

But still up to now you’re still caught up in the delusion of his love

I offered you my heart and soul wishing that I could mend your

Broken heart

I was doing all I can to make you happy in the process I was

Falling deeply in love

But what ever I do what ever I say still the same

No there is no one to blame

Except my yearning heart

With you I don’t want to part

I don’t want to push my self on you

But I want you to love me too

I love you unconditionally

Your worst and best

Up to now I think I am in a serious test

I told myself not to love you, not to fall

So I won’t get hurt, but it was too late

When someone forwarded me the message you have for him

I felt I was going to die; I want to disappear from here

To vanish and relinquish all my troubles and fear

But I was more concerned about your feelings and what you were

Going through that I don’t mind being used and hurt by you

As I promised I would wait till the time you could truly say you love me

I will be here with open arms to catch you

In all the things I do

It’s because I love you

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