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I put a mask on everyday, pretending to be okay. hiding my pain behind laughter, telling jokes and smiling, when really inside I'm dying, I'm broken into pieces, shattered and lost, I cant help but to be sad and miserable, I'm just holding back the tears, so everyone will leave me alone, but one day I shall break, and this mask will fade away, I cant keep this act up forever, its too hard, pretending I'm fine. when inside I'm screaming, and crying, and hurting deeper than I thought I would ever know. why am I hurting so much? when I didn't do anything wrong. when can I cry and not have a reason? never, cause everyone will want to know my story. when will my pieces be picked back up? I hope soon by the only person that can. when will I be put back together? anytime soon would be fine, I don't know how much longer I can keep this up. so come back to me, I shall wait for you endlessly. ©Amber Gomez Written by lonely in love Submitted by lonely in love
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