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So it began when I was a little kid. I used to be the "small little boy" that was getting picked on everyday. I always looked around and saw my friends looking at me smiling as if they're friends with these kids that were bullying me. So then I would shout "Get Off!" and something like "Stop it!!" and of course the bullys wouldn't stop for that. I then tried to build up more anger inside of me and then try to retaliate though I thought to myself "I wouldn't stand a chance with these big kids" they go to gym and do workouts, like me, but it was no match. I decided to go for one of them but in a flash I thought "No I shouldn't fight back because they'll probably end up bullying me more and more" So i didn't. Soon after a couple of days I went to the head teacher..though to me she wasn't the best head teacher..She would see a bunch of smokers who should be in class but no, SHE would just walk past them and continue her inspection. To me I thought what kind of school is this..People smoking at the age 10-15 It could ruin their lives completely, everyone used to know me as the "Nerd" JUST because I was always on time for lesson and used to raise my arms up for a question..like please I'm the one actually learning something I could say "Your too lazy..you think you're hard for missing lessons you'll be the one asking for help in a couple of years time kid". I've heard rumors in school thinking I'm gay also..like what is that surpose to do with anything? coming up with nicknames for the word "Will"..I think to myself "Wow these people should get a job and stop acting immature" like. I have to say this ONE in particular kid who was named Josh he used to be my BIGGEST enemy, yes, he was those types who wear, trackies, nikes, caps, lonsdale tops/sweaters.. he had a HUGE thing about swearing everytime you come across a lesson he would always be walking around the school looking like a complete fool and be knocking on doors then runs off then be coming into classes and interupting tests/exams and lessons. He had a nickname with the name "The J'ster" who knows who made that nickname up..well whoever it was it sure sounds pathetic and ridiculous! that was why he was my biggest enemy. The school was called "Rossmore Community College" it was a secondary school as you may know. I always thought to myself "This school is for people that have problems with behaviour". People in this misleaded school cannot focus in class..like a scale from 1-100 I'd say the people canot focus are 87-100 THAT! is bad don't you think?? --
My teachers didn't know how to calm the kids down it was like a huge earthquake irrupted in every class..they were all acting like a bunch of 5 year old monkeys which lost their banana's or some crazy thing like that. The name of these people were called "Chavs" god oh help me they were a horrible bunch! __ yet on the other hand TWO TEACHERS were banned from the premises after being told that they were harassing a girl after school time -
It made me puke this school was BY FAR the worst secondary school in history no questions asked. So there I have..been at this school for 5 years..5 YEARS OF IMMATURE PEOPLE and NONSKILLED teachers!. When the last day of shool came I was so happy that I fancied going around everyone punching the people who caused me pain and then do a runner and say BYE BYE ROSSMORE! but then the kindness and the mature person that I am remained calmly, though, that was going through my head xD.  Soon later I got called over by my tutor which had the certificate in his hand with the fake bling on and the annoying hat that he used to wear almost everyday, but, I was recieved the top most achievable person so I was pleased with the results. Afterwards I saw the chavs that used to pick on me and saw my "Friends" and just put a "Beat it" kind off smile on my face to them so they all they did wrong and I've been the king of them all along. They were jealous of my work and how I could answer all the questions..it was funny at that school yet so friggen annoying. So there you HAVE IT! my years at the haunted rossmore..well not haunted just a horrible school. I went off to college, met new awesome great friends and I'm now studying Art, Law, Poetry and so much more!
The end.
REMINDER: This was true, and was bored at this right minute, so just had a flash back and decided to write it all down here..

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