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Daddy's are soposse to be there when u fall and help u pick back upDaddy's are soposse to scare the hell out of your first dateDaddy's are soposse to love u through your mistaks and fallsDaddy's are soposse to........be there for u And sometimes there not instead of a dad to hold and love your stuck there listening to stories of why he aight there Or you got a dad but is a dad soposse to beat u till u bleed or tack off ur clothes when u keep begging him to stop or is a dad soposse to get drunck and beat ur mom watching her blood spill in her hands and still makeing excuss for him time after time TELL ME !!!!WHAT IS A DADDY SOPOSSE TO DO:-(

    • omg does ur dad do this to you? thts so sad. i think if he does this to you guys you should get help and but him behind bars. where he belongs! if you have any trouble hit me up
      • i hope this is'nt your real life and if it than ash16 person is right you do need to get help and put him in jail.....
        • yea u do girl
          • thanks guys u are true friends nah but only one of those things happend to me and it is beatting of my mom the othere thigs happend to my friends who should I should not mention any names but yea I am going better now my and me dad is not close wuz so ever but u know my friends are in conceling there getting help there scared form what they went through but they have me and I always been there for me through it all and I been by there side too so I decated this to tthem and me and any other grul that suffer form things like that and me and my friends are working through it and were better thank u guys I will driff tell my friends u say that :-) ;-)
            • yea i diditn read it but i guess itsz ok
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