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no one say a kid can't have secerets tha parents don't need to know about my parents don't know my parents don't care my parents are not there when I am crying in my room sometimes music makes the pain go away for now so i can have the courge to wake up in the morning and face the earth im not the type of gilr that my u would see cry I put up a wall so I wont get hurt but to get hurt u got to fell and me puttin up that wallI wont feel.my parents don't know anything about me that's why wateva goes in one ear goes out the other somethimes I cry beacause of what I have to go through I cry because Im crying there's no end if I eva have kids I will make sure that they DO NOT go through what Im going through no one see's the tears I cry but me and god were is he when Imm suffering  

    • awww i love thiz u itz so cute i feel u nd im here
      • As a father I agree with you. It is very easy for parents to not hear their children and even see them. If you know what I mean. Yes u see them but u really dont. you go through the motions but that is it. there is a lot involved in being a parent...a lot! I feel for u greatly and really understand every word u wrote. I also appreciate every word u wrote. i am a father that has not heard his daughters crying and did not notice the tear stained cheeks. I have no solution that can help. No one is perfect but when it comes to your children you need to be there in body and soul. Hang in there and stay strong and keep ur head up. Im also here hope to hear from you...ds
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