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i told myself i won't share this story if i still didn't recover from it.....i told myself i won't shed a tears anymore remembering/sharing this story.....it was during my fourth year in high school.... graduation day is near....im so proud that i belong to the topnotchers and will receive academic medals and recognitions...ever since elementary... my parents have no problem in my schooling..... financially or morally....i'm a consistent scholar...but....the day before the graduation day.... we discovered that mom has a third party..... that night my father decided to return her home to grandma back to manila.... i attended my graduation day all alone.... no parents.... no siblings....all the medals and certificate were useless... i dedicated it to them but none of them was there...do you know what's the saddest part of that day?part of the commencement program is to look for your parents.... hug and kiss them... and tell thank you for everything....i saw all my classmates.... exchanging kisses and hugs with their family....all i did is run to our classroom.... and cried silently....:(john_rove@yahoo.com


    • Dont dwell too much on your misfortunes!! Get over it and move on!! That which does not kill you can only make you stronger!!
      • carry on =] and good luck
        • I pray to God to give you strength to carry on. Do not shatter your dreams for something that is beyond your control.Remember you have a life to live and to have your family in future.May all be well with you.
          • thats a real live...u have to face it everything depends on your choice...face it and beat it so u will get stronger and succesfull or run away for your live and be a looser forever but i'm sure you will choose wisely...pray to God and make up your mind
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