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vulnerability to those that you demand their trust shelled and closed to others dangerous unintentional games that toy with hearts heartbreakers unwitting delight force them open then leave them there how many can you truly save heroin and ecstasy these are your names your similar form in women's clothes many a man has fallen to these whims influenced by an idea who will win, how can they win? its not a game, its an emotion a desire, maybe selfishness? maybe fear? after the door is opened, how is it closed again? who will walk through into your heart? who will remain lost? but ask and you will find. who will stay in time and place? who will love? who will hate? after the smoke settles who will be true? seek the truth when its spoken look for lies when not find the one that finds you love yourself firstly love to linger love to look find the lock and key who can match? heaven says only one... but with so many fanciful keys and lovely locks. where is the heart of the stranger left? behind the bars of permanence? oh but a chance... small and far.... to find you here, in my heart.