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All the things i want to say

watch them fall

they all slip away


im not sure i know how to feel

beyond it all

im not even sure your real


your my expectation

your my antidote 

your my thoughts

my concentration 


what do you need

look in me

let me bleed


how are you still there?

how can this be

with my judgmental stare?


your my soul

your my half

your my peace

my lack of control


will i write you off?

make you like them

what will this cause?


do you need me?

roses, thorns, and stems

come together unseen


do i need you?

you know the test

its far too soon


will you rule me out?

am i like the rest?

are you filled with doubt?


your my chance

your my fear

your my loneliness 

my aggressive stance


and all this 

because of words

emotionally drained

beyond hope

beyond you

beyond happiness 


there is a lot of life in this world

how many are there that feel the same?

beyond hate

beyond me

beyond hell


what is left

how can you find someone to love

how can love look

if love is blind?


for all the things that i cant say

I wish i could speak,

tell you of love today


and this i hope

and this i pray

and this ill follow

i will love you!  


and this you want

and this you need

and this you'll dream

you'll love me too.





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