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I am sorry I can't be beautiful
I am not the perfect 36-24-36
and even though I'm trying
that's not how my genetics have built me.

I am sorry I don't have big beautiful blue eyes
or have that perfect silky long hair.
I am not as tall as a model
not even if I wear high heels.

I'm sorry I don't wear fancy clothes
because right now I can only afford my books.
One day I'll be able to afford anything I want,
but right now I'm not rich.

I am sorry I don't make your head turn twice
or even make it turn once.
I have never considered myself being pretty or cute
so to me being beautiful is far beyond thought.

I am not the perfect 10 you're looking for.
I might not even be a 3.
I hide behind my hair and baggy clothes
because I don't like what's underneath.

In pain I wish you could see
that even though I'm trying to be perfect in your eyes
I will never be what you want.
I am not beautiful and beauty is what you want.

Funny thing though is that
I don't think anyone will ever try
to make you as happy as I'm trying to.
Maybe if I was beautiful making you happy wouldn't be as hard.

Maybe if I was your perfect 10
and maybe if I was beautiful
you would see the outside and not my heart
but my heart is where my true beauty lies.

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