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Drunken Dreams And Knowing This Guilt This Pounding In My Head Is The Source There Is So Much Pain That Has Been BuiltThese Hand Of Mine That Feel So Coarse So I’m Ready To Take The Bottle For A Tilt (Chorus) It’s A Sickly Sweet Symphony of Fears And It Seem That You Are Drowning In A Sea Full Of Tears All Of These Visions Becoming Clear Along With The Screams In This World Of Sober Sights And Drunken Dreams I Haven’t Dropped The Ball And My Speech Isn’t Slurred I Haven’t Let You Fall And My Thoughts Of You Aren’t Blurred This Pounding In My Head And This Beating In My Heart Tells Me That I’m Not Dead And I’m Not Torn Apart (Chorus) Don’t Shut Me Down Don’t Let Me Feel Cold A Frost In My Sea Of Tears….Don’t Let Me Drown To This Symphony of Fear…Let My Hearing Be Lost My Sights Are Sober and Clear But Dreams Are Drunk Though My Thoughts Are Full Of Cheer My Dreams Seem To Lack All Of Their Spunk (Chorus X2)
Written by Derek Jordan “Ace” Sytsma
Submitted by Drek