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It was so easy to believe you, You made everything seem so true. I wish I would have know better, It was all fake and in the end it would only make me sadder. How could I have believed all those lies? Why would I have thought you were different from the other guys? How could you be so cold to leave me there to cry out my eyes? You used to say together we'll conquer any problems that might arise. I don’t think ill ever be able to get over you, You felt nothing when you left, but for me life lost its value. All of a sudden my world comes crashing down, I don’t think I can keep going without you aroun How could you forget everything we went through? So easily you said I meant nothing to you. Now I’m left with tears staining my cheeks, Sitting where you left me I hear can hear silent shrieks. To me you were everything, To you I was just another girl you would be playing. You not loving me isn’t the hardest part, Knowing that it all meant nothing and you could live with the fact that were now apart.
Written by diamante_hielo
Submitted by diamante_hielo