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Many have said I might go astray
You are not here you’re so far away.
These thoughts make me sway
As they say no man this day
Love his woman faithfully.

Love will make a way
Me and You stay strong I pray.
We have faith each other that make us stay.
As I close my eyes everyday
I feel you in my heart love me tenderly.

Loving you from a distance is not easy
Thinking of you having an affair makes me crazy.
I can not avoid the venom of jealousy
It sometimes poison my sanity
But, you’re always there taking all the pain and misery.

Another year has passed as we live each day
Our love just keeps better stronger everyday.
It is either sunny or rainy day
Not even a storm can set us apart and sway
We remain in love each other faithfully.

We have happy moments and also stormy day
Love keep us stand strong side by side each day
And the love we feel in our hearts stay
As we fight all the hardships and trials along the way
After what we have been through we have stay.

As we celebrate our second wedding anniversary
For all the pain, trials and misery
We never leave each other as we live each day
Happy days are sweet to remember
But, some days such as rainy complete the diary.

Since the first day we met my “Big Guy”
My feelings still never change in any way
I am still in love with you truly and madly
Everyday you make my heart sing out loudly
For my love all this time for you only.

“I LOVE YOU with all my heart my Jimbo”
(Gihigugma Ko ikaw sa tibuok Kong kasing-kasing akong Jimbo)

E.C.S 03-16-2011

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