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You nip me, I nip you.
you push me, I push you.

To you this is a game, to me this is a normal day,
how ever we take it, it is still all for play.

I claw you, and you do the same, after all its all part of the game we play. 

now  you are down and I am on top, like Simba and Nala in a game so rough. 
with another bit and another nip you some how do a flip.

now it is the other way around, but now matter what I will not go down. 
with another pounce and another leap I am victories this you just have to see.

without a word you look at me, and with out the voice I still hear you speak, 
forever you are and forever will be, aways my friend and a well loved one to be.   


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