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danmm i'm so fucking mad of da fact i love you and all we do is figthing everyday
I want u..I can't imagine you out my life not a second not a minute and it's funny how am talkin 2 you on the fone and all dis pain is piercing me in my heart and its  so hard for me 2 explain myself......I feel like i am stuck..I can't function without u..its like ur the biggest piece 2 my puzzle and I need that piece 2 complete the puzzle 2 make everything better.. I can't stop thinkin about u..and everytime I close my eyes I hear ur voice tellin me u love me.... I wanna let u kno dat am sorry for the way I treat u and am sorry for not litsened to you..I actually sat down and thought about my actions and I realize I was wrong becauseeven thru the good and the bad u look out for me..I am really sorry for pushing u 2 da side and makin my feelings rule me..I was seriously trying 2 play hard but I lost..I don't know if it make sence 2 u if I say dat I care and I love u..u say u regret being with me but dats not the way I feel cuz  every moment I spend with u is nothin but happiness and wen am with u there's not a place I would rather b..u said u should have known and all that stuff..but I really should step up 2 the plate and show u that I care more about u..am sorry if I made u feel really hurt cuz I really thought about it..and u said u don't care and u don't know but if I let u go am stupid..and I stop listenin 2 wat ppl say cuz dey can't make me happy.all I want is u....but I'll try my best or put more effort in wat I do..I don't want u 2 think anything less of me and I don't want ur feelingz 2 change towards me or 4 me..am sorry babez..it could even b a piece of wire on ma finger as long as I have u dats all dat matters..I wanna spend da rest of my life with u n I mean dat cuz dere'z    D+    other like u..ur irreplacable....please dont let me go to bed mad at you..just like ne-yo said ``i know sometimes its gonna rain,but baby can we make up now cause i can't sleep through the pain" that's the way that im feeling rigth now ....im really sorry


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