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Piece of my Heart

I am not sure where,
Or exactly what part;
But something is missing,
A piece of my heart.

I feel you with me,
But you are not in sight;
I want to hear your voice again,
This is just not right.

Where did you go,
Why did you leave;
I want to think the best,
I want to believe.

That you were meant to be,
An angel in the air;
But you were an angel on earth,
This is just not fair.

My every waking moment,
My every dream at night;
I want to give you a hug,
And hold on tight.

You have so much love inside,
That you want to give away;
And to stay here with me,
Would only waste your day.

You were meant to be,
With everyone at need;
This was your calling,
You must fulfill your deed.

I will never fully get it,
And I will forever be upset;
But I am one of the many,
Who was blessed to have met.

An angel on earth,
Who changed my life for good;
No one ever will replace,
No one ever could.

The light that you shed,
Upon this darkness we see;
That it is up to us,
To let free – to let be.

To have love for all,
Good or bad;
To not hurt inside,
To not be so sad.

To live life to the fullest,
To enjoy it all;
Because everyone trips,
Anyone can fall.

You are so beautiful,
Your beauty shines through;
In everything I see,
In everything I do.

Your memory will never fade,
I know we will never part;
Because in the palm of your hand,
You hold a piece of my heart.......


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