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i am a lonely boat, floating in the sea of solitude.the sea is vast,yet my hope is like infant, crying in the deep of night, desiring the dream islandwhere i could find my true friendsand enjoy the delight of mutual encouragement.


    • thanks a lot for your comment, justpassingthrough. yes, unless one find his own wilderness, one would never find himself, and unless one finds oneself, one will never start the journey of seeking the salvation of one's own consciousness, for universe is merely a mirror of our own mind, it reflects our very thoughts and feelings, and make it a part of our being in the world, so the very revolution lies within our very heart, though it is painful, but it's worthy, for the end of the caterpillar is the beginning of a butterfly, and each movement of it becomes a part of its own beauty, and the beauty of the whole cosmos. so let each of us become a butterfly, then this world will be transformed from a dump into a garden, and the spring of life will pour out for all eternity. and i hope all those lonely boats in the sea of loneliness would one day get together and start their journey of self-discovery, and make for their dream land, and dance and sing and rest there day by day night after night and live happily there for ever...
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