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Dear Almighty God,

I thank you for all the events in my life, I experienced fun-filled journeys

Whether made me cry or smile, brought me sadness or happiness

It led me where and what I am today, a life that is not perfect yet blessed

No what ifs, no regrets but a colorful memories to be cherished

I thank you for every people you sent to love and accept me wholeheartedly.

You send them not to see what I cannot do but to see my worth and capability

They help me realize and continue to become a better version of myself.

I am loved  despite of my shortcomings and weaknesses even at my worst. 

I thank you for all the Blessings that I received and about to receive.

Be it small or big things, I learn to be contented and be appreciative.

Everything that I have now is all that I need to be happy and be blissed.

Things that I don’t have does not matter or hinders to my happiness


rheibutterfly 🦋