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a comment is a gentle wind

     ----dedicated to the comment of morninglight

a comment is a gentle wind,it wakes up the dead from their bed,and makes them never want to sleep at night.a comment is a gentle wind,it makes alive the seed in the mud,and let it sprout its first tender bud.a comment is a gentle wind,it stirs the water in the quiet pool,and then it will never be calmed down anymore.a comment is a gentle wind,it expels away the heavy cloud over my heart,and then pours down the shiniest sunshine on the thirsty land.a comment is a playful elf,it appears where you never expected,for it becomes unpredictable as soon as you want to catch her.

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    • Really enjoyed reading this.....good choice of words......tks for sharing.....ds
      • thanks a lot for your appreciation, that encouraged me immeasurablely. maybe some would call me a nut making much a fuss over a comment, but they never know even a word would change the cause of a person's life. true word has true power, and will last forever. for "heaven and earth will pass away, yet my word will never pass away." jesus thus said, and his word is true, so it does miracles. so are all the true words. thanks again for your comment, and i wrote a poem for you, hope you'd give a glimpse at it whenever you have time.
      • gdsfgdfg
        • Sometimes I am hesitant to leave my poems, my thoughts... out in the open when they feel so raw and it leaves me feeling naked. Yet, the kindness I have recieved from you and others, has mean extremely allot to me. So, I completely understand bianhua, and know that your thoughts are much appreciated by others...
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