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She Stopped Me

There I was in Colorado filled up with emotions after a bottle of Moscato. Sometimes looking back it feels like I hit the Lotto. Here’s my story its for more than ordinary. But if it weren’t for her I probably would have been already buried.

I pulled the triggered from my friend’s 9mm. It was blank. Found it in the bedroom. Before I’m judge and asked the questions how I came to this conclusion. You have to listen to my story. Growing up in The Bronx seeing more wrong the right….was a never ending battle of a fight to make it out alive. Even choosing the right path I always felt emptiness inside.

I found her online. Sent a simple hello and to my surprise…she replied. Didn’t think this one girl could change my whole perspective on life. How far would go for love? I traveled over 3000miles to another country called Germany. If you feeling me keep on listening. After a year….hours of talk, text messages and Skype. Next thing I knew I was on another flight.

She stopped me that night. I put the gun down. I heard a sound. Went to my laptop and that’s when I found an inspiration through the beauty of her eyes. We met and I held in my cries. I felt that happiness I lacked for a long time.

I wish she could be my wife. The one I would wine and dine and then sixty ahh… She’s the best not like the rest. The type you bring home have her sit next to you on the throne. Have the bath water running when you come home… baby…rub your feet and kiss your lips so sweet. You’re more than a beauty you’re the one who saved me from my negativity…got me believing life is more than we only hope it to be you just got to believe….That’s why I went to you…I put all my fears aside…When we met I hoped you would have been my future wife. But you not feeling me and I could absolutely see it…you not wit it….

Just know wherever you may go and you doubt anyone cares. There’s a man right here with open arms waiting for you even if takes years…I’ll still be one to wipe away all your tears….

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