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    He said

    A doubtful heart, she looks away Fear for his love, he pleads for her to stay The words she said began to rip out his heart His voice and lips trembled as the tears began What he said next sealed the end And he says, Helan, I am the last to know you are hurting I have givin all of my soul Noone else could ever make me do all I do I have become ragged and my beard has grown The grey I am sure you see For just one minute Put your heart in it Look what this love for you has done to me I put up a good fight But standing here in this light, I can clearly see I have so much love for you I can see, baby I see you have none left for me Chained and bound to your approval Fused to your sweet charms I have needed you to hold me Never do I make it to your arms All of my friends are gone, I pushed them away Your friends are here when I get home each day Momma, dear momma, she is dead and gone All the time I spent away trying to provide you a nice home Even my faith and this really hurts Following you kept me from church I can only blame myself Helan, oh Helan I am giving you up Though you are leaving me, I am letting you go You, the one I thought was mine You have shown me what I never wanted to know All of the games All of the other guys No more, No more of the lies Thank you for breaking the chain This is the best thing you have done for me I will fix my broken heart I did love you, but now I am free

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