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    With whole world, in which we live As we loose faith and take instead of give Financial horrors and the polotics to blame Left to be lost children loosing their lives to gangs Killing of the innocent, hearts with no remorse Racially motivated hate, status symbols set course Fear of being the eaten, many with no job Once respectable people now going out to rob Babies having babies, granparents at twenty two He said He knew us in the womb, but we are murdering them too We wonder why people stare into the sky Afraid of everything that pops that passes by Everyone in power seems to want more Everyone in need seems to get even more poor Unrecognized negligence runs rampid in our way No money to pay a bill, but money to throw away Is this our cycle We are pedaling ourselves away Removing worship from everything, they don't want us to pray Our world given to spoiled children, mom and dad always provide Not knowing how to earn their own They figure gain is gain, so the take it with honest lies Technology making the lazy, good and bad misused Mothers and fathers in fantasy world While their children are robbing banks, making the news For correction of a child, they lock away you and me Seeing that, these children are left to horrify free We are lost, morals and values that paved the way We wanted better for our children, so we threw them away Media causing curruption, private lives don't exist Identity theft is rampid, my name is surely on some list "Just do it", is more than just a nike shirt Well, I guess we just did it and did it so much it hurts We all want to be heard, whether it is just or just to be seen We don't listen, instead we fist in Worried about whats green Marriage is a rarety, more failing each day What happened to forgiveness, working for each other everyday Now the children suffer, while we smile at our new lover Did we try to save it, or just let it slip away Whatever grounds for this I am sure we can set it in reverse One thing about change When change is good, sometimes it hurts Either way, we are still here All of us bracing for shock Careful to open the door We don't know what comes to knock

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