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We never met...

We never met but I Believe
we met in another Life.

Your image gives me Hope
and Light in my Darkness Nights.

The sound of your Voice
makes me feel that Everything will be alright.

I think of you often and
how Life would be.

You and I Together for Eternity.

The Touch of your Hands
and your Lips against mine.

How this thought alone
makes me Tremble inside.

If we Ever Meet I must

My Heartbeat would Increase
seeing you near.

I will mumble my words
for I will be Nervous to even Speak clear.

know my words of Passion will always be Sincere.

is not to Fear but take a leap of Faith.

are Destine to meet and therefore I ask of you to Believe.

we are in Different Countries and a Huge Body of Water apart.

Won’t be Easy to Reach you but this Poem is a Start.

can be Difficult and Even more when Someone has your Heart.

only ask you to take part on what could become of us.

is no promised tomorrow so live each moment as it comes.

me take your Hand and Lift you Above your Dreams.

it seems like this all could be a Dream.

Dreams do become a Reality.

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