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  • Yes, I meet a couple of beautiful hearts, I cherish them so much and i still do, I send prayers and seeds of hope, for them every day. I love this poem cos it took me back in time and reminded me of this beautiful hearts.. Great job! and again thank you for all you share with us. you have inpacted my way of life.
    • i know someone who has a beautiful heart... YOU!
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        Beautiful Heart

        Have you ever known
        A beautiful heart

        A beautiful heart
        Is a simple treasure

        Heavensent, a blessing
        Beyond earthly measure

        A kiss of softness
        Far greater than pleasure

        Have you ever known
        A beautiful heart

        Where just a smile of an angel
        Will give your own heart start

        Where just a wink
        Such sweet dreams you'll think

        Where just a simple touch
        Means more than anything; so much

        Have you ever known
        A beautiful heart

        It will change it all for you
        You'll feel the touch of something "true"

        Everything will shine a little more
        And life will suddenly feel brand new

        The stars will twinkle and shine brighter
        Your burdon will suddenly feel twice lighter

        Have you ever known
        A beautiful heart
        I pray you do!

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