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  • God is always there for you and me and to those who feel his presence. However lives turn out...kindness is something that has's a choice we make..not always what we receive from others. But I do appreciate your kind thoughts. Say hello to Chulila for me if you speak with her.
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      • you are back loving you... hope you are doing great take care always
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          D Reason Y

          The only reason i come
          is to c if you are fine
          to check on your smile
          i pray for you every day
          i write this for you
          to let you know we are ok
          I thank God for blessing me
          for fiends like you.
          *this is for you Chula and for you morninglight, i come often to check you guys and thank you for leting me b part of your lives, and sharing a bit of your experiences* to the rest of my friends i wish you all the best. Chao chao


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