~ Tension Released ~ 18 & Over Only!!!!

~Tension Released~

I have this tension only u can release,
Because i know that u always aim 2 please,
The passion u give has me weak in my knees,
This chemistry we share i thought only existed in dreams.

I crave to feel your chest against my chest,
Yes love, i must confess,
Baby by far, you are the best,
Whenever i'm near you, i feel myself dripping wet,
And i'm not talking sweat, but i'm sure u can guess,
I can't wait to make love 2 you so our bodies can connect,
And feel the pressure of your body thrust inside me, OH YES!

Stroking & rolling,
Moan against moan,
Tongue against tongue,
And finally we cum...

Oh baby, I can't wait till next time we meet,
So this tension can be released! ;-)

By: Cordia Rachelle Crawford


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