Hard way to love

Love are hard to grasp
Love is hard to understand
I, for one, learn love the hard way
One of the most painful way to love

But I know this is for the best
To ensure his happiness,
I am sacrificing mine for his
I have to move on

I know it's difficult
To end your happy ever after
In exchange for your love's
Happy ever after

At least now i can look back
And say I have loved before
Love between us was right but
It was getting worst and worst

Neither of us wants to hurt each other
But one must be caved in to save the other
I chose to save him instead
People may think I'm crazy

But I know it's the right thing to do
This is a noble way to act
I have chosen to stay behind
To let him go ahead

I pretend to hurt him
For him, I forced myself to leave him
In my heart, I said let love...

Going throw some stuff in my life and this is the best release for me...ive left my love so he can have a better life he just doesnt get it...i did this all for his furture i was only holding him back.....


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  • That's actually not the noble thing to do. You should never pretend to decide for someone else. If that is true...you should go back to him. A man needs to decide about his own life and his own sacrifices and you'll only hurt him more by cutting him off. You may need to say this is the noble thing to justify your leaving him. Nobody wants to see themselves as the "bad guy". Just say you find it hard to get along with him and you want to move on....that would be more honest. It would be most noble to stay becasue of love and let fate be whatever it is. Isn't that what love is....sharing happiness or sorrow.