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  • Love is a precious thing and it should not hurt you like that. A caustic and vying love is a false love. People oftne think they love one another until it is deeply tested then find that it was not true love. True love is enduring, gentle and kind. I does not seek to win arguments or to accuse. It's like a warm blanket.
    • No. Love shouldn't hurt. And, that still does. Even when it should be over...
      • Even through everything you have a beautiful soul and an amazing style of writing. Just got on as its been forever, too many old emails and old poems so I don't get on much. But thank you for everything, the good the bad and everything in between. I'm growing and learning and things are going well for me. I'm sorry for the broken promises, for the hurt and the pain not sure where it all got so lost. I remember it all and it passes before my eyes every time I close my eyes, and as I sit here knowing that you will probably never wish to be a part of my life I know that it is something I will search the rest of my life for.... Ps... Read your other poem.... I remember sending that txt, and I still have many of them as well, a little something to get me through the day when things aren't going well....( the cancer is gone, but ill probably never be able to serve in the military again)
        • I will search for nothing like what we had... It was sick and twisted and disgusting. And it was all a lie. Don't ask me to be a part of your life... I can't trust someone who cheated on me with my best friend. Fuck, i can't trust someone who cheated on me with EVERYONE. I should have walked away and never looked back after i found out about Taylor. Forgiveness is a funny thing. Strong people do it multiple times, and not only when they think it means they can be laid.

          Break me free

          Press me down a little further- tell me how you feel.

          When you pull me up- I wonder, is this real?

          I gasp for air, as you push my head under again.

          I beg you to stop, this is so insane.

          My words enrage you... Now, I've caused a fight.

          How did I cause another sleepless night?

          I can't make you stay, and yet I try..

          My words mean nothing- you let out a final sigh.

          You turn to walk away, but it stops you in your tracks...

          We have something you want, a love that never lacks.

          Our hearts so full of what we feel.

          Tell me, again, is this real?

          You take one final drag, and slowly let it burn...

          I thought we would learn.

          We hurt each other so bad... scar so deep.

          My soul can feel the pain seep.

          I know you're hurt, I can see it in your eyes.

          I can feel your body shake, as it cries.

          This isn't normal- what it is we do.

          I thought that this would end, with you.

          I feel so alone, sometimes... like there's nothing left of me.

          But it's like you can tell-- just see.

          You drag me back in, again... And I know it has to be okay.

          I will go through this, for just another day.

          If careless words have the power to kill-

          Then watch out, because surely you will.

          You're stabbing in, throwing words quick like a knife...

          Suddenly it's not important- my life.

          I've given too much, let you in too deep.

          This hill, it's far too steep.

          I'm falling now, farther and farther away.

          You're begging me, now, for just another day.

          I've done what I promised not to do again, ever.

          I'd give my life for you, now, and I'd love you forever.

          To love is to destroy, and I'm falling apart.

          Every word that you speak now, tears me apart...

          What do I do now, to make you stay?

          You have the power to take the pain away..

          Leave now, or stay with me...

          Baby, please... break me free.

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