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  • I am 23 in same position however my family Have not met my boyfriend of 5 years as he has A different religion to me and my family absolutely Hate that. Therefore they've threatened to kik me out Of home and this means if have To marry my partner to Live together which I don't kno of I am ready For... I don't know what to do as well I am lost and Scared and my bf is getting fed up. I love him so much and I Love my parents a lot I kno they love me more than Anything. You should stay with him if that's what makes You happy.... If you see a future with him then Don't leave the country you are in you wont be able to See him and u will eventually drift away....
    • Thanks alot that helped me knowing im not the only one in this type of problem. Till this day i still dont know what to do. If you had to choose soon between who you want who would you choose? an do u believe that family comes first?

      I have to choose my boyfriend over my parents.

      im 18 i been with my boyfriend for 3 years now i love him with all my heart. this passed year my mom got deported to mexico so all my family had to move to mexico but i stayed with my boyfrined now my mom is begging me to leave him and to leave to mexico too but i dont want to leave him. i dont know what to do. please help

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