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Rivers Of Tears

A man walked through the debris
To reach the point he had dwelled
Where he was sure his home had been
He was hopeless but compelled

He scanned the destruction
But he did not cry
He didn't know why
Just stared at the grey sky

Hollow and empty
Hungry and cold
More hungry than numb
More numb than could be told

And then he found a torn photograph
A piece of his life on the ground
He recognized the image as his wife
And felt a stab in his heart like a knife

His eyes filled with rivers of tears
He heard her sweet voice inside
Flashed back to moments and years
He had held her hand when she died

He held onto her for dear life
But the water was stronger
She finally let go...once loving wife
She couldn't live any longer

He rocked back and forth
Sobbing in his shirt
Lost in his torn world
And trapped in his hurt

The smell of death everywhere
A passerby searching in vain for a child
Noticed and placed a hand on his shoulder
Just as his world was growing colder and colder

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