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  • It's a small world...noticing where you're from. Practically neighbors.... Seems we go through hurt, heal and often get hurt again. Its hard to feel secure if you've been hurt more than once. We all hope for a lasting peace eventually. Hope for you too.
    • Yes....practically neighbors. I have been hurt a lot, in more ways then one. This piece was written about myself, : coming out of the dark, isolation, depression, after my daughter was killed, in 2008. A gang cross fire. Lifes hard. Everyone has a story. Some happy and some are just sad.
      • I'm so sorry for your loss. That's the most tragic thing to bear. I've seen many times that some of the very good are taken back young. We have to trust that they are in a good place now free from any hurt or pain. God has reasons that are beyond us to understand but I think you're always living now with her spirit as part of you. Have faith there is a special purpose for your life. Even her short time in your life was a blessing. Nice to meet you!

        waking up

        I was walking in the dark for such a long time, Couldn't remember much at all, seems as if it were a dream, Everything I lost everything, all that mattered. To me just don't mean a thing. And nothing can compare to the light I see, I'm letting go of the pass and how it use to be, everything I lost , everything,


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