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  • "Horny In Memphis" ?
    • Thanks for the suggestion
      • : ) thanks for being polite. I'm not used to sexual poems being posted here but it was tastefully done. The fireplace was a nice touch. All that's nice with the right partner but even nicer would be a long-term romance with emotional and spiritual connections as well as physical. Our bodies sadly don't always remain so young and pretty but what's on the inside can be even more precious. Holding hands on a rainy day with someone you love can be just as nice....that's when you know it's really love.


        The arch in my back, the curves of my thighs
        The thickness of my hips, the lust in my eyes
        The warmth of my skin, the tingling within
        The softness of my hand upon the golden of your man
        In the heat of the moment, we have just begun
        The rhythm is there so we still carry on
        The hotness of your breath as you kiss my skin
        Your fingers touch me, gentle as can be
        And just as expected your tongue continues where they left off
        The hair stands up on the nape of my neck as you go in
        My body trembles as 2 become 1
        The passion of this night is so very strong
        The stroke of your tongue has me ailing for more
        The aroma fills the air as my mind begins to soar
        Im trying to hold it in
        But where do I begin
        And then all is calm
        We cuddle by the fireplace in a sweaty embrace
        Whispering I love you in each others ear til sleep takes over
        For when we awaken, we shall start all over again

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