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Be patient what you want everything takes time
Fate does anything to anybody for it is destiny
Nothing is ever perfect because we are mortal
Life is never easy for us who said it would be easy
That is the challenges we face everyday to struggle
Some say its not fair but it makes you stronger inside
Your important and do not listen to anyone who is jealous
Anger consumes the soul hate hurts those you love so much
Know this God is light and he will take away your darkness
Forgive and let go of things that hurt you even doubts in life
You know I am here when you need me I will listen to you always
Remember I do understand you I will not back away from you ever
I just want to make you happy never will I hurt you in anyway
To be there holding you telling everything will be ok baby
If you cry I will hold you till the pain goes away I promise you
I will kiss away your tears to fill you with happiness forever.

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