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  • Its tough to know what to do sometimes. If the fighting is frequent and feelings are constantly hurt it's unhealty and you should get out. Even the best of freinds and lovers quarel sometimes but the relationships that survive; both parties learn to give in, to not be intentionally hurtful and to learn how to apologize and move forward together. Best wishes!

    Not Anymore

    I keep on holding into something
    I never had the chance to grasp

    I'm trying to understand you all the way
    But you kept pushing me away
    It's not white or black , I'm sure it's gray

    The decision to make , is driving me insane
    But I can't handle this no more , I'm in pain
    Those are the rules , I can't complain

    That's what you want , so you had no choice
    so , STOP . I don't want to hear your voice

    You already told me what you think
    There is no way back ... you destroyed the only link

    After all the things you have done to me
    All the signs were there to see
    We always agree to disagree

    How do you think I'm going to be there for you
    After all what you made me go through
    You keep pointing the finger at me
    when it should be turned to you

    I'm so confused right now
    I don't know what to do
    Is this right ?
    Is it wrong ?
    Now , I don't feel that I'm strong

    I'm ripping out my heart
    to lessen the pain
    I don't want to complain
    But , it's all because of you I'm this way
    It's because of you I'm this way

    No No No No NOt Anymore
    No No No No NOt Anymore

    I'm not giving you one more chance
    No I'm not
    Enough is enough
    You had your chance and you blew it away
    So there is no reason for you to stay


    Written by: Reem Musallam


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