To The Girls I've Cared For

Where have you gone
The girls I loved
And gave a part of my heart to
Where did you go

I think of you
As I see the first dusting
Of the Winter snow
Missing you still hurts so

I don't ask for anything
Just wish we had more time to share
I recall the times we gave care
And look for you everywhere

Shoud you come back one day
There won't be harsh words to say
No matter if you were cold and distant
I still think of you and miss you anyway

Merry Christmas to you
Because you've touched my heart
You didn't realize how much I cared
But somehow you're always still a part

Maybe my heart was open at the time
Maybe I wasn't right
But I think it was love
And your memory is still bright

As Christmas approaches
And another year bodes to pass from sight
I hope you think of me sometime
And still care, as I still do tonight

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Comments (4)
  • Hello, this is very sweet poem..but anyway.Thank you help so much.And Merry Christmas to you.I will try to have a happy Christmas despite of everything.Thanks,and good luck for the love in our hearts.
    • Hope your love works out for you because I know how much it means to you. You've touched me with the love that friends share and it's meant a lot to me. Just a few kind hearts have I met since writing poems but I've not felt anyone who cared more about love and romance than you. You know I began as a critic and I warned you but you were brave and followed your heart. Now I realize YOU did exactly the right thing..even if it turns out wrong. Please promise me that you'll always follow your heart just the same....becasue that is the only way to ever find something true. If you do follow your heart you can always look yourself in the mirror later and know you've done your best.
      • Thanks my friend..I was just being silly and foolish.but yes...i considered you as a and merry christmas.
        • We care about each other and that's what matters most in life to know there is a little love and care somewhere. So no matter how hard love is on you I hope it is some consolation that you have a friend who loves you and is happy you're alive. Smile during the holidays and be a beacon of light to those around you. You have the ability to do that and just by being you...make the world a kinder place. Merry Christmas! I heard recently that the root of the Hebrew word for love is "To Give" and you certainly do that.