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so confusing.. (@___@)

i am in a relationship status which the situation is a long distance relationship..we didn't see each other for quite 5 months now..and i found out we used 2 it.. we're not like before that we really missed each other..but now things seems change,,we communicate just once in a day before? almost every minute..i  can still feel the love of him..but i don't know  in me?i can't let him go co'z I'm not yet sure if this is what they called " fall out love"?I'm afraid what if this is just a trials in our relationship?or do we really change? please help me.. i want to know what exactly i felt towards my boyfriend..his a nice guy really nice guy besides he is my 1st bf..i thing also that stuck me is that i have a promise to him which " IF OUR RELATIONSHIP DOESN'T WORK  @ ALL..THE PROBLEM IS NOT IN ME..BUT IN YOU"I was so confident then that i won't made any mistakes..i never imagine that it came to this point...i don't want him to let go but i think i don't love him anymore..:'(...pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee give me an advice..thank's alot..mwaaaaaaah!!!

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  • things should not changed,,, the communication should always be there... its only you who could sort things out... unless you are inlove with someone else already (or someone maybe fill his absence...that's why you don't miss him that much anymore) just be careful with your decision... i hope you will do the right thing....
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