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Pop Music Jazz Originated in The United States

Pop Music Jazz Originated in The United States

Early 20th century, the United States the emergence of a pool formed by the multi-cultural jazz. This new music, with its unique performance (singing), it refreshes the audience's eyes and ears, sensation all over the United States, it soon spread throughout Western Europe. Today, the content of popular music contains a very wide range.

In the instrumental works, Christina Aguilera Lyrics,which includes colorful light music, jazz, swing dance, disco dance, tango, waltz and a variety of different styles of dance and music and other types of small-scale opera. Popular music in the instrumental works are characterized by: rhythmic, lively or lyrical beauty, playing many ways, sound varied, colorful, texture-level simple, small bands of modern works and more use of electronic musical instruments.

Vocal characteristics: flavor of life rich, lyrical, witty, range is not wide, popular way, tunes easy to read, easy-to-sung; lyrics multi-purpose living language, easy to understand, easy for the listener to accept and sung; singers and more are sui generis pop singer, vocal method is different, from the constraints Vocal, singing voice when the feeling is more important than skills, dynamic and free and uninhibited,u2 Lyrics, easy to arouse the audience's sympathy; small band of powerful integrated audio accompaniment and singing.

As popular music has these characteristics, so the people can and together, regardless of the level of literacy, are easy to accept. Pop music is popular music, pop music as a kind of entertainment-oriented mass culture, pop music and social development is closely related context, Whitney Houston Lyrics, making the content of the form of pop music is more diversified, more of the deeply rooted among the 90 changes in the broader popular music, and the growth of the background with our closer.

But pop music is not only art and entertainment,Savage Garden Lyrics, more realistic response to record people's lives, and even the general public thinking, ideology indicators.

Popular music and other differences in the mass media is mainly pop music, there are three characteristics: 1. Popular music which is a repeat of the form: the theme of popular music content repetition, while penetrating the consciousness of the audience capacity. 2. Popular music is mostly non-narrative form: its emphasis on the recipient's body, physical ability and sensory stimulation. 3. Popular music is a form of experience: Music is art rather than science in the field, is an experience of experience.

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