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Personalize Your Bridesmaids Dresses

We talked about the detail of  bridesmaids dresses should be noted  in the  previous artical  .And now we will  teach you how to make more personalized bridesmaid dress.

Bridesmaid dress

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Bridesmaids Potpourri

The present-day bridesmaids don't have to suffer the humiliation of wearing bridesmaids dresses that resemble wedding props. They can wear dresses that flatter their figures, or wear dresses of the same color but in different lengths and shapes, provided these are in keeping with the tone of the wedding.

It was common before to have the same cut of bridesmaids dresses for all bridesmaids, never mind if the hand-picked bridesmaids had different figures. Today's bridesmaids can choose their dresses, and their selections reflect choices that boost their confidence and their looks.

Since the bridesmaids no longer have to spend for the bridesmaids dresses, brides like you have to be creative to avoid overspending but still making sure that everybody is happy with their dress, from cut to color combinations and accessories that perfectly expresses their whims.

bridesmaids dresses

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Gorgeous Bridesmaids sans the Expense

As the bride, you will have to take matters into your hands and discuss details with your enlisted bridesmaids. Make sure to air the following concerns - budget for the dresses, wedding theme, dress color and style, and accessories.

Make it clear about the color theme, whether you are going monochromatic or a uniform shade of shimmering bottle green. In concession to the formality of the event, request your friends to have the same dress length for a picture perfect effect. Your friends will understand your concern.

The most important details of the dresses will be your creativity when it comes to personalizing the dresses. You can add a swath of silky ribbon or a similarly designed corsage for the bridesmaids. The bridesmaids may be wearing dresses in different shades of blue, but the uniform corsage or ribbon trim will coordinate the look. Although the bridesmaids will be donning different dresses in color or shape, you'll have them clearly labeled with your personal insignia, a corsage of freesias and baby's breath, or a swath of ribbon.

bridesmaid dress

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Breaking from Tradition

More couples are breaking away from the usual wedding traditions of wearing wedding gowns and tuxedos. Couples are also doing their own invitations, selecting less formal venues, selecting their music, and coming up with new rituals that have a personal significance for them.

When it comes to bridesmaids dresses, you can always choose dresses your friends will love to wear again and again. So keep an eye on the dresses they prefer to wear for formal parties, and incorporate your observations in your selection of the dresses for the bridesmaids and maid of honor.

There is no harm in trying vibrantly colored dresses for your bridesmaids if you feel that the pastel colors are too tame for your wedding theme. You can choose any of these colors: orange, red, fuchsia, and vermillion. You can ask suggestions for color coordinated trims or accessories to personalize the bridesmaids dresses.

bridesmaid dress

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When the wedding is over, your friends will be proud to show off their bridesmaids dresses; they'll remember the event with fondness, a far cry from the bridesmaids of yesterday who had to keep a tight lid on the dresses they wore as bridesmaids.

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