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Our Life (Baby I Love You)

Come close to me baby,
I've something to say.
I need you here with me,
Through night and through day.

The days you're not with me,
I feel split in half.
I can't help but need you,
With you I can laugh.

I know that you feel it,
It shows in your eyes.
The wanting, the needing,
The constant surprise.

Give in to the feeling,
And let it flow through.
Feeling the tingle,
When I embrace you.

With your tender arms,
Hold me tight, Don't let go.
I melt in the moment,
I love it, You know.

The thrill when I see you,
You have it as well.
The wanting, the needing,
Like a sweet ringing bell.

And those wonderful nights,
We spent under the stars.
Where we lay 'till forever,
From the noise of the cars.

With our feet entwined,
And our hands holding strong.
We lay there together
And then, Nothing was wrong.

And baby, Those days,
They'll never end.
The love that we share,
The kisses we send.

Our life, Is great.
United we'll stand,
United forever,
we'll be hand in hand.

Our house.
The hard times we went through,
The hope and strong will.
But our hands still hold.

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