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letter to my love

I Have nothing more to say to  you  yet I feel that I need to write to you, mostly to satisfy these thoughts of you wondering aimlessly in my mind

Why does love have to be so hurtful when all you want and all I fight for is happiness

Why does pain fill my lungs when I breath in  air, does it not keep me alive or perhaps maybe just maybe I don’t want to live, to live in agony, turmoil, despair, heart ache, pain and continuous conflict

Is wanting so wrong, Is needs not right, Is partnership not for me, not for you

Why do I feel so strong about what I want, what I need.

If our roads now split and our time together ends, It’s not because I don’t love you, and I am sure you love me too,

But it would be to merely save grace and hold on to our sanity. It’s hard to express what you do to my soul and yet you have been there for me, when need called, have I not thanked you, well perhaps not enough, Thank you then for your love , for your wealth, for your touch.

Its sad that I do nothing for your soul, and that for me it is the hardest thing to except, when others excite you the way that I would have hoped to.

How crazy is these wants??? Perhaps I want too much.

For you I wish a world of happiness and life of pleasent suprise
and all that I know is that you will be fine and that all will be alright
this for me has been so hard and the pain even harder to endure,
But know that I need to let go, for there is hope beyond this closed door

I love you dearly, forever and always... keep smiling... keep giving and keep being the special person you are


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