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I hate that I love you

I am so tired, so very emotionally drained

over things we fight about, things that are never explained


I tried to do what was right, to work on what we share

But you just seem, to think that I, wasn't really there


For all the hurt, for all this pain, for me there is no way

I've done more than I can, I've lived this life, I can't focus on this day


I have loved hard, and Hurt deep, and played this time and again

I stuck to rules, I've always been true, its driving me insane


what do you want from me? a sorry will that do?

will it eliminate the hurt in side, the hate I feel for you?



I don't expect you to know who I am if I, don't have a clue

I have changed my life to suit your needs and now it just won't do


I know I love you, I am sure of this, It's something that won't let go

I hate this feeling, I hate this fact, I hate that I love you so




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